Communities on the Web

Some noteworthy examples of people linking together.

"Virtual communities" are a problematic notion. Computers don't make community, and can often distract from it. (Warning: side-link.)

This has not stopped thousands of people and organizations from using the Web to make a difference in their real lives. Attention is life, and reaching out and touching someone can be done just as well over the Web as in person. Check these connections out, and emulate them; they're the best and brightest way to use the Web.

Then once you've found something to get involved with, turn the PC off and go help out!

Do you want to see the Net making a real difference, before your eyes? Look at the newsgroups discussing depression, loneliness, and all the other things that keep us isolated and apart. Talking about your real life, even the painful parts, can make it a lot easier.

Stay in touch with a nation that needs it.

The best community hotlist I've found.

A site quite similar to Unreal Enterprises in spirit. These folks throw a great party, and know how to live.

Resources for Web education.

Make the planet greener.

Organizers and networkers.

Perhaps the best online magazine discussing the problems of virtual community--from all angles, not just rah-rah. Recommended.

The only Web site that's made me cry.

The most desperately needed use of computers.

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