CHARTER: soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm

To provide a safe and open forum, where people of any gender or sexual orientation can engage in discussion, support, socialisation and general interchange concerning the various topics referred to collectively as “BDSM” (Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadism & Masochism).

There are numerous related topics which are also appropriate to this group. “BDSM” is intended here to be read in its broadest sense.

The aim of this document is not to exhaustively define what SSB is about, but rather to define what it is not about, outline what it is about, and leave the detail to be shaped by the people who actually post to it.

The following types of posts are particularly welcomed in this group:

Discussions of BDSM and its interplay with relationships, self-image etc.
Discussions of techniques used in BDSM, ideas and experiences.
Community action, personal liberty and similar political/ campaigning issues related to the BDSM lifestyles.
Accounts of experiences.
BDSM stories, erotica, poetry and other creative writings.
Announcements of events.

Other types of post are not excluded, except as noted below.

The following types of posts are unacceptable in this group:

Binary files of any kind. Exception: Small binary .sig blocks or attachments of maximum 20 lines. For example .sigs generated by public key encryption systems such as PGP and similar. (For binaries try

Personal advertisements. (try alt.personals.bondage)

Commercial Advertisements (posts offering something for sale, directly or indirectly). (Try,,,, or

Exception 1: On-topic “commercial” activities of non-profit, charitable or community action/campaigning organisations are acceptable.
Exception 2: Commercial .sig line adverts are acceptable if the .sig is smaller than the original and on-topic section of the body of the post.
Responses to legitimate questions by posters who have commercial interest are acceptable, but response by E-Mail is generally preferable.

Large crossposts. Messages crossposted to (or duplicated in) more than 5 groups are unacceptable. Routine crossposting to more than 3 groups is strongly discouraged.

Any post (other than posts relating to the operation of the group) which is repeated more frequently than once per calendar month.

Trolls, flamebait and other deliberately provocative material cross-posted to (or duplicated in) more than 1 newsgroup. (Philosophy: If you must start a flamewar, keep it to one group).

Note: each category is applicable to all posts. For example a non-profit advertisement is acceptable, but it must still comply with “no binaries”, “no repeat within 1 month” and all the others…

Unacceptable use of the group:

The use of e-mail addresses from articles posted to this group for the purpose of sending junk (mass unsolicited) e-mail or for compiling a list so that others may do so is specifically prohibited.

Provision for RMGROUPing the group:

The moderator of news.announce.newgroups (being a neutral outside party with a strong interest in matters affecting Usenet) shall have the power to RMGROUP the group if (in his, or his successor(s)’ estimation) the group content exceeds 25% unwelcome advertisements and binaries (in terms of bytes or number of posts) over a period of 21 days, and if no significant progress is being made towards changing the group status to moderated within 1 month of that condition becoming true. This is not intended to place any kind of duty upon the N.A.newgroups moderator, rather to give the power to act upon valid complaints of inaction.

Cancellation of messages:

In general messages may only be cancelled by the poster, their ISP, or the moderator of any group where they may also have been posted.

It is however established practice that “third parties” may cancel a message according to the priciples of (and the related groups). Currently binaries in a non-binary group (such as this one) would probably meet the criteria for tolerated 3rd. party cancellation, as might certain other types of post. Any person wishing to operate a bot specific to this group to perform such cancels may do so, under the following conditions:

Before putting a bot into operation or changing its operating criteria full details of the bot and its operating criteria shall be disclosed on the newsgroup and on and (or their successors).
Any detail or criterion which generates non-trivial controversy shall be changed before commencing operation. Any person running such a bot must act in co-operation with any other such bot maintainers.
Cancel bots not specific to this group are welcomed provided that they are operated according to principles agreed in the NANA.* groups.