21 April: Hey hey, two updates in one year?! Just you wait, there’s more comin’… Added the Czech translation (thanks Thomas!), and added the Taste of Latex con-noncon article, which I subsequently removed after getting righteously copyright flamed.

3 April: Well, so much for “more time to work on the FAQ”! *Lotta* personal changes in my life since last I updated this page… but at any rate, here I am again. Added links to, and uploaded, the archived translations of the FAQ. Added a link to the group’s charter. Fixed the broken seXrated image.


30 June: My my my. What a difference a year makes. I now have more time to work on the FAQ, which is a mixed blessing unless all you care about is the FAQ, which I suppose is true for you 🙂 Added two answers: “Is BDSM sexual?” and “Where can I post ads?” (Thanks Spectrum!) Updated the resource list somewhat, and cleaned up some broken links.


31 July: Well, the reposting hasn’t started happening yet, but at least I’ve finally converted the FAQ to its new incarnation as the resident s.s.b-b FAQ list. R.I.P, a.s.b F.A.Q.

1 May: Wow, a revision in 1997! Updated the resource list slightly, fixed up some links, started preparing to start ACTUALLY REPOSTING THE FAQ! What a concept….


18 November: Whew, what a year it’s been. Life certainly isn’t boring…. Finally I’m making the time to go through my old email file and handle all the accumulated updates of the past year. Thanks, everyone, for your support!
Added information about cutting safety and other bloodsports.
Finally added a website section to the resource list! About time….
Updated a whole slew of resource listings. Added MANY web links.
Put in some info about avoiding ads (basically, you can’t).
Updated the anonymous posting info to describe the current shite situation (anon.penet.fi being closed and all). Anyone know of any anon posting services still in operation?

26 March: Cleaned up the online activism info, edited some questions, added some resources.


21 September: Fixed a couple of broken links and re-uploaded the FAQ.
12 September: Discovered the October issue of Playboy mentions the FAQ on page 41!
11 August: Uploaded it! Added this page. Edited the “defending SM” question.
10 August: Created this WWW FAQ.