It may be illegal, and it is certainly unwise, to publish “obscene, filthy, or indecent” Internet material without precautions to ensure minors or unwilling viewers can avoid it. I use the label above throughout all my pages, as just such a precaution.

If you are not a legal adult, or if you do not wish to view material which you may find sexually explicit or offensive:

Do not read any page with the SEXRATED symbol after the title, and do not select any link followed by the SEXRATED symbol.

Set your ratings software (such as SurfWatch) to lock out the address “” where all my SEXRATED material is kept. I have already instructed SurfWatch to add that address to their list of blocked sites.

The only way to preserve freedom of speech is for everyone to take responsibility for their own reading. With this labeling, I allow you to do just that. Verbum sap.

I claim that this labeling meets the conditions of section 502.E.5.A of the recently passed Communications Decency Act, as a good faith effort to prevent minors from viewing this information.

If you aren’t interested in erotic discussion, then please go elsewhere.