In a lot of different ways!

The Web is an invention in its infancy. The ideas behind it have been around for decades, but only recently has the technology existed to support its explosion. There are many angles from which to think about it, and there are a million directions it needs to go.

Here are a few:

I described Unreal Enterprises as “Another ‘place’ where the real and the virtual meet.” What did I mean? Some thoughts on real virtuality.

Links as they exist in the Web today are only half there. You can go from a link to a new page… but can you go from a page to all the links aimed at that page? There are ways. It’s called Backward Linking.

The biggest potential of the Web is its ability to give everyone a voice. Expressing yourself is one of the best ways to use the Web. That doesn’t mean it’s easy! The Web needs more original home pages.

The Web does the most for me when it connects me with people or groups that I get involved with in real life, or when it teaches me something that’s NOT about the Web. Real communities online, not solely-online communities. It’s already being done.