Say what?

I talk about some odd things in these pages. Why not index through the words, too?


This is a marker to help me remember that I want to put a link here eventually. This is sort of an under-construction thing, I admit, but there it is.


Conventional World Wide Web links take you from one document’s anchor to another new document. These are forward links–you go forward from the link to the new doc. But what if you want to follow links the other way?–to go from the new document to all the links which point to it? Then what you want is backward links, or backlinks, explained elsewhere in these pages.

FAQ list

An abbreviation for “Frequently-Asked-Questions List.” A common way of transmitting the accumulated wisdom of the readers of a newsgroup on a particular topic.


A state of concentrated, enjoyable activity. See my Flow page.


A link which takes you somewhere that is also accessible directly from my main page. My topics overlap, so I use side-links for connections that are redundant but potentially interesting. I should have an icon for this.

under construction

The permanent state of everything on the Web. Or, a lame apology for not having very good pages–an expression of good intentions for the future, with no relevance to your readers today. See my home page bit.