OK, so this may be an under construction thing, but oh well. Some of the topics I plan to get wordy about:

  1. The shape of the future: nanotechnology, artificial life, and humanity’s destiny
  2. Science fiction malnutrition: where is the good SF?
  3. Why can’t programs ship on time?
  4. What about nonmonogamy?
  5. FAQs and hotlists: the leverage of net writing. Links and the Web: the abstraction of interest. Backlink page.
  6. How out can you get on the Net? The truth comes out, when it can. Is it exposure to write to the whole world, or is it protection?
  7. Storm chasing. A hobby is born? Where will you be in 1999? The whole eclipse-laden saga.
  8. How long does everything take, anyway? Why the future is further away than you think.
  9. Give me a new kind of lever, and I’ll move everybody: is technology the best way to change the world?
  10. The Big Idea: hypertext for knowledge augmentation… revisited
  11. Drucker’s notion of the new American civil society, the end of the savior state, the end of cultural liberation… personal liberation next? Green awareness? ???
  12. Mental loops, cognitive distortions, depression (personal experience), and the deep mud of our minds, which we can trample into new shapes (prozac vs ecstasy, physical/mental effects on these loops)
  13. Building cyberbeings: applied simulation architecture, feedback loops, artificial consciousness
  14. Is education the deep answer when tech simply removes jobs?