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Welcome to my home page!

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EFF Free Speech Online Campaign

This page is light on the HTML 3 and CGI stuff. See my bit about home pages.

I live in San Francisco, right near Dolores Park. 

I just got married!  If you want to see some pictures, ask me in person :-)

I'm also involved with the Rhythm Society and with Friends & Family.

Techie stuff (if you don't know who these people are, you probably don't care):


Because that's what color monitors and fast modems are for! Note: all these pictures are JPEGs.  They're also all fairly old, dating from 1995 or before.

Survival Research Laboratories in concert

Some serious technological rage.

Highway One

A rather exceptional hike up Route 1 south of San Francisco.


From a trip I took in September 1993, which I'll never forget.

Family album

Cute (and not-so-cute) family pictures.

And finally... hotlist. It's short and context-ful.

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